How to Paint a Porcelain Sink

Bringing an old porcelain sink back to life is relatively simple. With a few ingredients from your hardware store, you can have the old sink repaired in no time. Also, finding an old porcelain sink at a yard sale may be the perfect addition in your home by simply painting the sink.

It is best to paint the sink the same as its original color, but you can adjust the color of the sink, depending on your taste.

  1. Clean the sink with a mild, nonabrasive cleaner such as Bon Ami. Clean the sink completely and dry it.

  2. Use a toothpick to fill in any cracks or chips with an epoxy solution. You can also use a makeup sponge in place of the toothpick. Allow the epoxy to dry and set for one day.

  3. Purchase paint made specifically for porcelain at your local hardware or paint store. Add one light layer of paint to the sink, let it dry, and repaint it. Allow the paint to dry for two days before using the sink.

  4. Tip

    Lay newspaper around the surrounding sink area, if it is not loose. This will ensure that paint does not overflow onto the surface of the counter.


    Keep a window open for ventilation when painting.

    Keep paint and epoxy out of reach of children.

    Do not attempt to use the sink for at least two days.