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How to Weigh Down Shower Curtains

Emma Lee

Water is either running on the bathroom floor, or the shower curtain is sticking to your legs, causing you needless aggravation. Using a shampoo bottle to hold the shower curtain in place does not always work and is a temporary solution.

Before your next house guest arrives, take the time to permanently fix your flyaway shower curtain. Weighing down your shower curtain with some quick and simple weights will help alleviate this problem.

  1. Sew window curtain weights near the bottom of the shower curtain on the side that faces the tub. Curtains weights are enclosed in sheer fabric that will not damage the bathtub's surface. Hand stitch to the corners of the shower curtain as many weights as are needed.

  2. Attach large washers at the bottom corner of the shower curtain. Washers can be purchased at hardware or home improvement centers. One large washer or several small washers can be looped together and hand stitched to the curtains. Paint the washers with nail polish to match the curtain.

  3. Attach fish sinkers to the bottom curtain corner facing the inside of the shower. Fish sinkers will not rust and some have designs. Hand stitch the sinkers to the curtain with a strong needle and thread.

  4. Tip

    Use a stitch length of ½ inch to prevent the plastic shower curtain from tearing.