How to Prime a Scooba

Samantha Volz

Some advances in technology have allowed people to throw out their mops and buckets. Modern cleaning technology has cut down on elbow grease and cleaning time, leaving areas clean without the work. One such machine is the Scooba, which works as a mop on laminate and tile floors to remove dirt and grime.

A primed Scooba can eliminate the need for a mop.

The Scooba features a pump system that disperses water and cleaning solution onto the floor as it cleans. If the pump is not primed before use, the Scooba will not put out water, leading to system errors or inefficient cleaning.

  1. Remove the tank from the Scooba machine, revealing the inside of the machine. Turn the machine so that the activation buttons are at the top, away from you.

  2. Locate the pump entrance for the water inside the machine. It is a small blue cylinder, generally located on the right side of the machine.

  3. Fill a turkey baster with water. If you do not have a turkey baster, use a water bottle with a strong squirting spray.

  4. Squirt water directly at the pump entrance; this will get the pump going, ready to pump the water and cleaning solution from the tank.

  5. Reattach the tank to the Scooba and secure it into place. The Scooba is now ready to run.

  6. Tip

    Many newer Scooba models come with a miniature turkey baster to help with the priming.


    If you don't prime the Scooba, you may see error messages or the Scooba may not clean effectively.