How to Install a Latch Set on a Storm Door

Kenneth Crawford

Replacing a broken latch set on your storm door is a relatively easy task. Latch sets are available at home improvement centers and are universal to storm doors just like door knobs are to exterior doors. When purchasing a latch set, be sure to purchase the strike plate as well.

Although many strike plates are compatible with most latches, installing a complete latch set will save some aggravation if the old strike plate does not work with the new latch handle.

  1. Remove the broken latch set from the storm door. Remove the two screws on the inside latch handle with a Phillips screwdriver. The screws secure the two handles together to the door. Pull the handles off the door.

  2. Remove the two screws that secure the old strike plate to the door jamb with a Phillips screwdriver.

  3. Place the outside handle of the new latch set into the three holes on the storm door. Ask a friend to hold the handle to the door while you finish the installation from inside the storm door.

  4. Position the inside handle over the center spindle of the outside handle that is protruding through the door. Insert the two screws into the mounting holes on the inside handle and into the threaded sleeves of the outside handle inside the door. Tighten the screws with the Phillips screwdriver.

  5. Close the storm door and line up the new strike plate with the latch mechanism on the storm door. Position the strike plate on the door jamb so that the door latch secures snugly around the plate. Mark the mounting holes for the strike plate onto the door jamb with a pencil.

  6. Open the storm door to give yourself room to attach the strike plate. Position the strike plate over your pencil mark and secure the strike plate to the door jamb with the retaining wood screws.