How to Attach Flower Boxes to a Home With Vinyl Siding

Mason Howard

There is nothing like opening up your windows and letting the incoming breeze bring the smell of flowers into your house. Flower boxes allow you to do this. If you have a vinyl-sided house that you know you cannot nail or screw into, you are not out of luck.

Vinyl siding hanging hooks have given people with vinyl-sided houses a way to hang exterior decorations.

Vinyl siding hooks slip easily in between vinyl siding panels and, with the correct hardware attached, can support the weight of a flower box.

  1. Attach two vinyl siding hooks to your house, under the window beneath which the flower box will hang. Vinyl siding hooks are made of a flat piece of metal. One side has a small hook for hooking into the seam between two panels of siding; there is a large hook at the other end for hanging the flower box on. Insert the two hooks into the siding seam closest to the windowsill trim. Hold the hook flat against the siding and push the side with the smaller hook up under the seam until you hear it click. The hooks can be slid back and forth between the panels for proper positioning.

  2. Prepare your flower box for hanging. First measure the distance from the top of the windowsill to the ends of the hooks. On the back of the flower box, measure that same distance down from the top edge. This measuring will ensure that the top of the flower box sits flush with the windowsill. At this point, on either side of the back of the flower box, use a drill to attach two D-ring hanging hooks (they come with screws). Space them an equal distance from the ends of the flower box.

  3. Measure the distance between the D-ring hooks on the flower box. Slide the two vinyl siding hooks so they are spaced the same distance apart as the two D-ring hooks.

  4. Hoist up the flower box and hook the D-rings onto the vinyl siding hooks.

  5. Tip

    Two vinyl siding hooks will safely hold up to 20 pounds.