How to Paint Mountains With Acrylic Paints

Mountain landscapes are some of the most enchanting and classical images of all time. Creating your own mountain masterpiece is simple to do and very exciting. Each mountain has its own unique personality that can be highlighted especially well with the use of acrylic paints.

Now, in acrylics.

This paint medium is among the most suitable for creating mountains because of its versatility and diversity in color palette.

  1. Since mountain landscapes have a lot of fine details in unusual locations, finding a reference image can be greatly helpful. One that you may have taken yourself will be best, as you will have a natural eye for diversity in the painting from personal experience.

  2. Using your reference image, use a pencil to lightly draw in the mountains and any major landscape or object lines. Include rivers, clouds, grass and any other related things at this point.

  3. After having all the larger objects outlined, you can sketch any major ridges or color changes within the mountain. Don’t over accentuate at this point because the layers of paint will form many of the desired alterations later.

  4. Paint each mountain a lighter base coat color. If you want your mountains to appear well forested, use a lighter green or more earthy brown and green. For mountains that are sandy or deserted, orange gold and Sahara browns are best for the starting point.

  5. Continue by painting the darkest areas of the mountain. Use a good amount of paint to create at least two layers at these parts. Usually the shadowy or heavily wooded areas on the mountain will be the darkest along with the base. Try not to overuse this, according to Artinstructionblog.com.

  6. Keep adding layers of paint to match the tone and color combinations in your reference picture. Usually, using lighter colors than those in a picture you may have taken with your camera will make for a better landscape. Leave plenty of time for each area to dry before adding paint. This will keep each layer defined and visible. Final accents with dots and small diagonal strokes can add the impression of unique greenery on the mountain.

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