How to Remove a Single Handle Faucet

Over time, faucets can fall into disrepair. A new faucet may not only be needed for adequate functioning of the sink, but can also help give a bathroom or kitchen a new look. Removing a faucet is relatively simple and removing a single handle faucet is pretty much the same as removing a dual handle faucet.

Spiff up your bathroom with a new faucet.

Be sure to properly turn off the water supply to the sink before removing the faucet.

  1. Turn the off the cold and hot water supply lines by turning the knobs under the sink clockwise.

  2. Turn on the faucet to drain water and release remaining water and air pressure.

  3. Unscrew the nuts that connect the water supply lines to the faucet by turning them counterclockwise, using an adjustable wrench or a basin wrench. Also remove the supply line to the sprayer if your sink has one.

  4. Use a basin wrench to unscrew the two nuts on the faucet post. The faucet post sticks through the sink and the nuts secure the faucet in place. A basin wrench is made for getting to nuts in difficult to reach spaces.

  5. Squeeze the securing clip on the bar that is sticking through the hole of the drain post. Remove it and slide the drain post off the bar. This is only necessary if you have a sink with a drain lever.

  6. Lift the faucet up and off the sink.