How to Hang a Plaque on a Wall

Shae Hazelton

When you receive an award in the form of a plaque, you are going to want to share it with your guests by hanging it on the wall. Unfortunately, hanging a plaque from the wall can pose some challenges due to the weight of the plaque.

Unlike an average picture frame, a plaque can have a heavy metal face attached to anything ranging from heavy hardwood to smooth stone. Proper hanging for the plaque is important or it may fall and break.

  1. Determine what wall you will hang your plaque on. Once you determine which wall you would like, run a stud detector over the face of the wall. Lightly mark the location of the stud with a pencil.

  2. Choose where you will hang your plaque on the wall based on the location of the wall studs. You want your plaque to hang from at least one of the wall studs because the studs are more secure than the plasterwork. If your plaque is large enough, you may be able to hang it on two or more studs instead of just one.

  3. Purchase enough J-hooks to hang your plaque. Search the package for any indication of what weight they can hold. You should have one hook for every stud that your plaque spans.

  4. Attach your J-hooks to the wood studs behind the plasterwork of the wall. Hang them at the height you desire.

  5. Hold the plaque up to the wall and move it around until the hooking mechanism catches onto the J-hooks.

  6. Release your hold on the plaque slowly. Be ready to catch it or step back it if falls.