Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Sharon Lynn

A garage door-opener is one of the handiest items a homeowner can have installed on their garage. It keeps you safe, warm and dry inside the car until you are in the garage. Like all mechanical items with moving parts, garage door-openers can have problems that cause them malfunction.

A garage door, closed and problem-free

The good news is that this happens rarely.

Remote Stops Working

The quitting remote is one of the most common problems for a door-opener.The fastest way to check this problem is to operate the door from the interior switch. This shows if the problem is definitely the remote and the main problem with the remote is dead batteries. Replace the batteries and see if that eliminates the problem. If the batteries do not fix the problem, replace the remote.

Door Refuses to Open

When you use the interior button and the door does not operate then you have other troubles. The main problem when the door will not operate is lack of power to the unit. Make sure the unit is still plugged in and that there are no breakers that have flipped. If all of this checks out, check the safety eye. Make sure that the safety eyes are properly aligned and working. Check the tracks for blockage. If all of this checks out, call a professional to make repairs.

Slow to Open

If your garage door opens slowly, or is jerky while opening or closing, the problem will be the tracks. Clean and lubricate the tracks and your problem should go away. While lubricating the tracks, lubricate the chain or screw of the opener to ensure that is not the problem.

Operates by Itself

If the garage door seems to be possessed and is running on its own ,there are a couple of things wrong. Check the remote. If it has shorted out it could be sending a continuous signal to the door. Remove the batteries from the remote and see if the door stops. If it stops, replace the remote. A short in the motor's wiring or safety eyes could also cause this. Check the eyes to see if the lights are solid or flashing and trace the wires back to the motor to ensure that they are in good condition. If all of this looks good call a professional. If the operation of the door is periodic, you may have a neighbor with a door on the same frequency as your door. Most new models allow the owner to change the operating frequency of their door. Try this you have this option. Check the owners manual and follow the directions. It takes just a few steps.