Painted Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

For budget conscious homeowners or for renters who don't want to make a big investment by installing an elaborate backsplash, use paint to create a backsplash of stone, tile or even wood.

Use one of the many faux painting techniques to create a painted surface that looks like granite, marble or a mosaic of broken ceramic tiles.

Bright Colors

A backsplash occupies a small amount of wall space, and you can safely paint it a bright, intense color without overpowering the rest of the room. Choose a color that is complementary (opposite on the color wheel) the main color of your cabinets or walls. Another choice is a color that coordinates, or is next to, the main color of your cabinets or walls on the color wheel. If you have wood cabinets, pick out one of the colors of the wood tones to use for painting your backsplash.

Faux Mural

Paint a faux mural on your backsplash for a European effect. Most backsplash murals are scenes from nature in the surrounding countryside. Others are painted with a scene that evokes the feeling of the interior design. It may feature tropical palm trees for a tropical décor, Italian countryside for a Tuscan kitchen and a beach scene for a seaside kitchen.

Faux Painted Tile

Paint faux tile on your wall for an inexpensive backsplash. It is a technique called “tromp l'oeil,” which is French for “fool the eye.” You don't need any special materials, just a few paintbrushes in small, medium and large sizes. Use a ruler to make the edges of the tiles straight and a carpenter's level to ensure the edges of the painted tiles lie level on the wall.