How to Clean Lexus Headlights

Lexus vehicles are high quality that also come with a high price tag, making it crucial that the vehicle be properly cared for.

Clean Lexus headlights with toothpaste.

Cloudy and dirty headlights not only deteriorate the overall appearance of your Lexus, but also prevent the headlights from functioning properly, as the film prevents the headlights from glowing at their maximum capacity. This means you must clean the Lexus headlights in a way that keeps them looking brand new, removes the debris and does not cause damage.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with hot water.

  2. Dab about 1 tsp. non-gel toothpaste onto a damp cleaning rag, and scrub the paste into the headlights using small circular motions.

  3. Continue until you remove all residue.

  4. Spray a fresh cleaning rag with the water and wipe across the Lexus headlights until all residue is removed.

  5. Dry the headlight with a dry rag and repeat on each headlight.