Rainbow Decorating Ideas

Rainbows are a cheerful, easy way to add color to any room's decor. They fit well into a child's room but work anywhere in a contemporary home, as well. They can contain bright, bold colors or muted tones that better suit more subtle home decor.

Rainbows add a bold splash of color to a room.

Use rainbows as key decorative elements in a room or just to add colorful touches in dull areas.


Turn a staircase into a decorative rainbow feature by placing a rainbow rug on each step or painting each step a different color of the rainbow. Straight and spiraling staircases both make interesting and bold rainbow additions to a home.


Add a rainbow throw rug to a room to add a burst of color. The rug can be rainbow shaped or straight, with rainbow colors, as well as a large focal piece or a small accent piece. Choose the combination that works best in the space you want to brighten.

Wall Border

Paint a rainbow border on the top or bottom of a wall using colorful paint or tiles to add a peripheral touch of color to a room.


Paint a rainbow mural in a room by arching it across a single wall, over a door, across two walls meeting in a corner or simply by adding it as a small feature on a larger mural.


Rainbow wallpaper is available in a variety of styles and you can use it to cover entire walls or just as a trim. Options include wallpaper depicting actual rainbows or more abstract use of rainbow colors.