How to Increase the Sound of a Door Bell That Rings But You Can't Hear It in the Basement

Keith Allen

Making door bells louder generally isn’t an option. However, you can increase the sound in the basement by adding a second bell or chime in the basement. The process involves some simple electrical wiring but allows homeowners to add the door chime to wherever they spend time.

  1. Disconnect the power to the door bell chime unit. Open the breaker or remove the fuse for the circuit. Test that the door bell does not sound when the button is pushed.

  2. Connect 20-gauge bell wires to the low voltage terminals of the transformer. These are the same terminals the current chimes are connected to. The transformer may be located in the basement or other location away from the chime unit.

  3. Run the wire from the location of the transformer to the planned location of the new chime unit. Place the wire out of sight, if possible, along the corners of a wall or in the corner between the floor and wall. Drill a hole in the floor and pull the wire through to reach the basement. Fasten the wire to the ceiling joists in the basement to the planned location of the basement chime or bell.

  4. Connect the wire to the terminals of the door chime. Strip the insulation from the last inch or so of the wires and connect them to the terminals. Tighten the terminals in place.

  5. Turn on the power for the circuit and test the bell. Both chimes should sound when the door bell button is pushed.

  6. Tip

    Use solid wires rather than stranded wire for the door bell wires. They make a better connection and work best in low voltage situations.