How to Clean Dumpsters

Jody Wilber

When the local sanitation services department delivers a dumpster to your home for weekly trash pickup, the idea of cleaning that dumpster is probably not anyone’s idea of a nice Saturday morning activity. However, your garbage dumpster can become quite gross and stinky after a while.

Cleaning out your dumpster removes dirt, germs and odor.

This is especially true if it sits outside in the hot sun or inside a warm garage. Clean a dumpster in a short amount of time, quickly and easily, with some disinfectant, a hose and an old mop.

  1. Ensure that the dumpster is completely empty.

  2. Roll the dumpster out to the street, alley or the edge of the driveway.

  3. Place a nozzle on the end of your hose. This nozzle ideally should have settings that control the output of the water. Put the nozzle on the strongest or highest setting.

  4. Rinse out the dumpster by spraying a steady stream of water down the sides and along the bottom.

  5. Fill the dumpster with about six inches of water.

  6. Add one or two cups of liquid bleach or another disinfectant to the water.

  7. Use an old mop or scrubbing brush to scrub down the inside of the dumpster and remove any debris.

  8. Wait 15 to 30 minutes before emptying the dumpster.

  9. Lay the dumpster on its side and allow the water to drain out.

  10. Hose down the inside of the dumpster.

  11. Leave the dumpster open to dry. Do not put any trash in the dumpster until it is completely dry, as the moisture might become a new breeding ground for dirt and germs.