Terro Liquid Ant Bait Directions

Kimberly Turtenwald

When the weather becomes warm, homeowners may experience an infestation of ants. These ants come into a home through small openings in search of food for their colonies. Different products are available on the market to help homeowners get rid of ants.

Ants in the home can be killed using Terro liquid bait traps.

The Terro liquid ant bait traps give homeowners the option of using chemicals to get rid of the ants without having to touch the chemicals. The ants will take the liquid bait back to their colonies, killing the ants.

  1. Bend one of the bait traps at the joint until it snaps off from the rest.

  2. Hold the trap upright and cut off the orange end of the trap with a scissors.

  3. Locate a high-traffic area where the ants are frequently active. Place the trap with the label side up where the ants have easy access.

  4. Check the traps frequently to check if the liquid level is decreasing to ensure the ants are using the liquid. Do not touch the traps when you check them. However, if liquid levels are not decreasing, move the trap to another location.

  5. Replace the traps whenever they are empty or every 3 months, whichever comes first.


Store the traps in a cool, dry location when they are not in use.


Keep the traps away from children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

Do not place traps in areas where food is prepared or served to avoid cross contamination.

Wrap used traps in several layers of newspaper before throwing them in the trash to avoid contamination.