The Best Kitchen Appliance Colors

Appliance colors come and go each year with the changing trends and palettes in kitchen decor. Avocado green and harvest gold -- all the rage in the 1970s -- have long since left the kitchen and the building.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have timeless appeal.

The colors you choose for kitchen appliances during a remodel depend on several factors, including whether you’re renovating for yourself, to add value to the house or to sell it. When you’re renovating to increase your home’s value for future resale, stick with stainless steel for the best results, as it remains the undisputed king for updated kitchens.

All-White Kitchen

If you don’t like the constant cleanup of all those fingerprints left on stainless steel, other kitchen colors that have staying power through the years include white and light neutrals. Arctic white appliances combined with white cabinetry give a kitchen a larger-than-it-is feel with countertops in a gunmetal gray to match the floors. White gives you easy-to-clean, timeless appeal that outlasts other colors in the kitchen by a long shot. Ice -- a fairly new version of white -- brings a clean, fresh, bright look to a kitchen.

Go Black or Gray

If stainless steel or white don’t appeal to you, opt for black appliances instead. Nothing dates a kitchen more than its appliances, but stainless steel, black or white appliances have staying power thanks to their essential lack of color -- which allows you to add color in cabinetry, paint or flooring materials. If black is too austere, opt for graphite gray, stone gray, taupe or metallic silver. Appliances that have the look of metals often work as well as stainless in the kitchen.

Manufacturer Options

Some appliance manufacturers have limited their color selections to just a few. GE appliances, for example, come in these common appliance finishes as of 2015: stainless, white, slate gray and black. But its Artistry series has introduced color options such as cupcake blue and bell pepper red along with stainless and black. You can also choose appliances clad to look just like cabinetry if you're flummoxed on the colors to choose. This gives the kitchen a seamless, unified look.

Color in the Kitchen

Design trends for 2015 encourage color in the kitchen -- not for appliances, but to the cabinets instead. If you want color in the kitchen, add it with items that are easily changed: walls, cabinets and decor. That way, if that trendy shallot you choose for the kitchen begins to wane in its appeal, simply change it; stainless steel, white, black or gray appliances go well with most any kitchen decor color schemes.