Curtains That Keep out UV Rays

Aviva Lee

Any window dressing keeps out a certain number of UV rays. This includes even the sheerest of fabrics. But, the question on inhibiting UV ray penetration into a given space is not answered so simply. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the most appropriate window dressing to prevent UV ray penetration.

Dress windows to prevent UV ray damage to furnishings.

Factors include both the form and function of the window dressing and its relationship to the space, as well as its contribution to the overall design theme.

The Synthetic Seamless Sheer

The synthetic seamless sheer is the most basic window dressing of all soft window dressings. This window dressing can stand alone or be used as an under treatment in a layered window dressing. When the seamless sheer is installed as the sole window dressing, it must be planned with a triple full standard. The fullness enhances the dressing’s capacity to hinder UV penetration. Even when this window dressing is the sole covering for the window, it noticeably reduces the transfer of sunlight into the room. A lower transfer rate of sunlight equates to a lower transfer of UV rays.

The Unlined Outer Drape

The unlined outer drape adds protection from UV ray penetration, and each subsequent layer helps. The outer drape must coordinate with the furnishings and colors established for the décor. This includes the rods for the drapery and whether or not the drape is functional. In some spaces, simple unlined panels are installed to the left and right of the window. However, this does not inhibit the UV ray penetration without a sheer under treatment. In some traditional design schemes, the design expert orders two layers of sheers with the simple side panels.

The Lined Outer Drape

The lined outer drape is similar to the seamless sheer in that it can be installed alone. While it is desirable to dress a window in layers, the functional lined outer drape will effectively reduce UV ray penetration. Thermal drapery lining costs more than standard drapery lining, but thermal is manufactured specifically to protect expensive drapery face fabrics from UV rays. Therefore, by default, the thermal drapery also protects the contents of the space more than the standard drapery lining. Many times the decision is made based upon the budget. Consider the purchase of thermal drapery lining as an investment in prolonging the life of everything in the room.

Wood Shutters

The wood shutter is a premium high-end window dressing. It certainly lasts longer than any other hard window treatment. The tilting slats have a unique capability to allow control of the quantity of light entering the space. Wood shutters are often purchased by more exclusive clients, due to their investment in the space and its contents. The wood shutter provides total block out of UV rays when necessary. A wood shutter from a reputable design expert lasts at least two or more decades.