How to Adjust the Height of a Walking Cane

Walking canes give you extra support when you need it. They come in a single-tip design as well as canes with four legs for even more support. The correct height of a walking cane is essential for safe use.

The back of the walking cane handle should rest on your inner wrist when holding the cane with your arms comfortable at your side. Although there are many manufacturers of walking canes, adjusting the height of a walking cane is generally the same.

  1. Turn the collar counterclockwise two full turns to loosen the cane, if your cane uses a collar. The collar is where the lower portion of the cane fits into the upper portion.

  2. Find the silver snap button on the side of the cane. The snap button is spring-loaded and fits into one of several holes along the length of the upper cane.

  3. Hold the lower half of the cane with one hand and press the silver button with your free hand. Pull the lower cane away from the upper cane to lengthen the cane, or push it in to shorten the cane.

  4. Allow the silver button to extend through the nearest hole once you have the cane at the correct height. The button will “click” as it engages the hole.

  5. Twist the collar clockwise to secure the two pieces together. Test the height and make adjustments as necessary.

  6. Tip

    Only metal and plastic canes are adjustable. Wooden canes can only be shortened by cutting off the bottom of the cane as necessary. If the wooden cane is not the correct height, purchase a different cane.