How to Grunge Paint

Sarah Coennen

Grunge painting is a style of painting that was inspired by the genre of music it was named after. This type of art has been around since the 1970s, when grunge was just beginning to hit the music scene. Popular grunge artists include Joan Jett, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Grunge paint can be found on shirts, wallpapers, school supplies, and various other places in society where art remains a medium of free expression for all. Grunge painting is about blending the neat and beautiful with some sloppy areas to create dirty fashions.

  1. Cut out different patterns in the cardboard pieces. Make any kind of design you want, from musical group names to floral patterns. Using a razor blade might make cutting process easier for cutting, or you can always buy stencils at a craft store.

  2. Purchase a creative medium that you want to grunge paint. This can be a piece of canvas, an article of clothing, or a window. Choose the colors of spray paint that you will use to paint.

  3. Place the stencils you made or bought on top of your creative medium. Spray paint the stencils with as many colors as you like. Don't be afraid to let the spray paint run down the item. With the stencils in place, shake the excess paint over the creative medium, especially around the edges of the medium.

  4. Spray some paint onto a paintbrush and shake the brush over the medium with or without the stencils in place to make some nice ink blots on the medium. This is the basis for grunge painting. You want to create a piece of art that looks nice, but has a few messes that flow with the piece.

  5. Tip

    You can use different items to splatter the paint, such as a hairbrush, paint roller or air gun.