How to Make Diamonds Really Sparkle

Diamonds are one of the toughest substances, yet the gems require special care to retain shine and beauty. Part of the allure of diamonds is the lustrous sparkle. Exposure to lotions, dirt and natural body oils cause diamonds to become dull and dirty over time.

A well-cared-for diamond ring retains its sparkle.

Like any other piece of jewelry, diamonds need regular care and maintenance to remain in beautiful condition for years to come. Although your diamonds should be brought to the jeweler once each year for a professional cleaning, keeping the stones clean at home retains their shimmer and sparkle.

  1. Buff your diamond with a lint-free jewelry cloth to remove surface dirt and grime.

  2. Pour an inch of rubbing alcohol into the bottom of a bowl. Place your diamond jewelry in the rubbing alcohol and allow it to soak for 20 minutes to loosen oil and dirt.

  3. Mild dish detergent keeps diamonds clean and sparkling.
  4. Mix 1 tsp. dishwashing detergent with 4 tsp. water in a bowl. Transfer the ring from the rubbing alcohol mixture to the soap solution.

  5. An old toothbrush cleans the crevices and grooves of diamond jewelry.
  6. Dip the old toothbrush into the soap solution. Gently scrub your diamond jewelry to remove oil and dirt, as well as restore sparkle and shine.

  7. Rinse your diamond with warm water. Pat it dry with a clean cloth and lay the jewelry on the cloth to air dry.

  8. Tip

    Remove diamond rings when gardening or taking care of any dirty chores. Buff your ring with the lint-free jewelry cloth in between cleanings to keep dirt and oils from building up.