How to Remove a Peephole

W. P. Wentzell

Peepholes are small home security devices that allow the resident of a house or building to identify visitors without opening the door. The peepholes are metal shafts equipped with lenses at either end, providing a wide-angle view of the subject outside.

Peepholes are installed at eye level to allow the occupant to view any visitors from the safety of their room or house.

Peepholes are installed directly into a hole inside of the door, and are aligned at eye level. Peepholes can easily be removed from the inside of the house with two flat head screwdrivers.

  1. Locate the female ring of the peephole. The female ring is the portion of the peephole that unscrews and is usually located on side of the door that closes, facing inside the room or house. Underneath, where the female ring meets the door, there are two slots on either side for flat head screwdrivers.

  2. Insert the flat head screwdrivers into either slot, and rotate both counterclockwise to unscrew the female ring from the door. Keep the ring safe in a pocket or in a hand until it can be reattached.

  3. Straddle the door at the edge. Push the peephole from the inside, out to the other side. Catch the peephole tube from the outside with your free hand.

  4. Tip

    Reattach the female ring to the peephole once it is removed to avoid losing it.


    Never hammer the peephole, as it may break the lens.