How to Disable the Safety Eye on a Garage Door

Garage doors are equipped with infrared sensors that emit a beam from one sensor to another while the garage door is up. If the beam is interrupted while the garage door is going down, the sensor causes the door to go up, preventing the door from closing on a small child or household pet.

These sensors may begin to fail, preventing proper door operation. When this happens, the safety sensor should be temporarily disabled until replacement sensors can be installed.

  1. Put your garage door up and depress the "Lock" button on the main operation panel switch. This will prevent anyone from accidentally lowering the door while you are disabling the safety sensor.

  2. Locate the safety sensor mounted on or near one of the guide rails for the garage door. Grasp the sensor with one hand and pliers with the other hand. Clamp the pliers around the wire going into the safety sensor and gently pull the wire plug away from the sensor. The wire should simply unplug from the back of the sensor.

  3. Use the pliers to pull the wire out of the back of the sensor on the other side of the garage.

  4. Return to the operation panel and press the "Lock" button again to unlock the door. Use your garage door as normal thereafter.

  5. Warning

    Disabling the safety switch on your garage door may create a safety hazard for children and pets.