How to Clean Chillow Pillow

Melissa King

The Chillow pillow, designed for hot flash, sunburn and fever sufferers, provides comfort and relief with memory foam and a cool liquid core. The Chillow slips into most standard pillow covers, protecting it from dirt and skin oil. If you use your Chillow without a pillow cover, oils and debris build up on its surface.

Keep Chillow clean for years of cool, comfortable sleep.

It's a rather simple process to properly clean your Chillow.

  1. Remove the Chillow from its pillowcase, if one is in use. Wash the pillowcase in a washing machine. This removes oil from your skin and hair.

  2. Wet a towel with warm water and squirt some dish soap on the towel. Wipe the surface of the Chillow with the wet, soapy towel. Clean the Chillow this way every three or four weeks, especially if you use it without a pillowcase.

  3. Dry the Chillow with a towel, or allow it to air dry. Cover the Chillow with a clean pillowcase.

  4. Tip

    Do not drain the water in the Chillow once you add it. This removes the Chillow's microbial protection, and mold can grow inside the pillow. If you notice a moldy smell when using the Chillow, discard the pillow.