Do Bed Risers Work?

Jenna Marie

Make the most efficient use of your space by maximizing the area under your bed. With bed risers, you can increase the space under a normal twin-sized bed to more than 15 cubic feet of storage. Today's bed risers are sturdy, versatile and come in several styles to fit any bed frame.

Bed risers give you more space under the bed.

Unless you treat your bed roughly, bed risers keep your sleeping area secure and stable. Choose the right style of bed frame riser for your bed and keep your house in order by wisely using under-bed space.


Bed risers can increase the storage area under your bed by 6 or more inches, depending on the model you choose. The new height will better accommodate plastic storage bins that would not otherwise fit. Under-bed storage is especially useful for seasonal items, such as sweaters and snow gear or summer clothes. Because the risers don't compromise the stability of the bed, you can still sleep comfortably while taking advantage of the increased storage space.


Choose between several types of bed risers, depending on the type of legs your bed frame has. Box risers are rectangular pieces with a small groove at the top. The grooves prevent the bed legs from slipping. Another style is the cup style, made of cups on a metal riser. The cups can hold a flat bed leg or one with a wheel. The clamp style of bed riser attaches to the metal bed frame and acts as a new, longer leg. The clamp style works for bed frames with wheels or casters as there is nowhere for the wheel to slide because it is no longer touching the floor.


Putting bed risers on the bed frame may be easier to do with a helper, although you can do it solo. Lift one leg of the bed up, then slide a box or cup bed riser directly underneath the bed leg. Lower the leg down onto the center of the riser. Move to the next bed leg. A helper makes it easier by lifting one side of the bed at once, allowing you to place two risers before the legs are lowered. Move to the other side to place the risers so that all four legs are secure. If one let is slightly off, lift that side and reposition as necessary. The process is the same for clamp risers, but you insert a screw through the clamp on the bed frame.


When purchasing bed risers for your queen-sized or king-sized bed, don't forget to purchase five instead of four to raise the center support leg as well as the bed frame legs on the four corners. To hide the bed risers and storage bins, invest in a bedskirt that conceals them. Other items that store well under a raised bed are suitcases, musical instrument cases and books.