How to Install a Glass Shower Splash Guard

Stephanie Rempe

Whether your glass shower connects to a tub or a shower pan, caulking surrounds the perimeter of the structure to protect drywall and flooring from water damage. Sometimes, though, splashing water gets outside the glass shower stall.

Keep water inside the glass shower doors with splash guards.

You can add a splash guard to a tub/shower combo or a stand-alone shower to protect your walls and floor from water damage. Typically used on tub and shower combinations where curtains keep the water at bay, a splash guard can also help a glass shower with doors that don’t close tightly. Protect these surfaces, and install a glass shower splash guard perpendicularly on each edge of the floor or tub and walls where the shower doors open.

  1. Measure the length of the tub or floor of the shower. If you are installing the shower guard on a stand-alone shower without a tub, make sure you obtain a shower guard tall enough to be effective. A typical shower guard measures 36 by 16 inches.

  2. Clean the surface with warm soapy water and a sponge to remove soap scum. You need a clean surface for the adhesive on the shower guard to stick. Dry the area with a towel.

  3. Peel the paper from the adhesive on the shower guard. Press the L-shaped shower guard firmly to the corner of the shower inside the shower door. The long edge goes against the wall and the shorter length along the floor of the shower or rim of the tub.

  4. Add another L-shaped shower guard to the opposite corner in the shower. Make sure to place the shower guard inside the shower door to keep the water inside the shower.

  5. Tip

    Keep the shower doors tightly closed as you shower to help prevent water damage. Check the bottom edge of the shower door to ensure the drainage holes open and are not covered with caulking. If they are blocked, remove the old caulking from the holes with a razor blade. Insert a toothpick inside the drainage holes to remove all of the caulking.