Reloading Bench Ideas

Reloaders, people who reload ammunition for guns, often prefer an organized work space or bench for their hobby. The ideal bench is one that fits the workflow, equipment and types of ammunition loaded specific to the individual. However, there are some standard features that many reloaders may wish to consider.

Standup or Sit Down

Decide how you want to work at the reloading bench. Standup benches are usually built about 42 inches high and offer more leverage for the reloader when seating bullets or other tasks requiring applying pressure to the shell casing. Placing a padded floor mat in front of the standup bench helps alleviate fatigue.

A sit-down bench often has a height of about 24 inches and make long sessions of reloading more enjoyable and less demanding on the feet, back and legs.

Shelves and Storage

Include more shelves than you think you need. Supplies and equipment accumulates and no one ever has less stuff as time goes on. Include a secure powder magazine where the explosive gun powder can be stored safely. In some situations, it is required that gunpowder bulk storage be located outside the living quarters of the home. If the reloading bench is located in the home, the powder is transported in smaller quantities to the bench.

Other Features

Place the reloading bench on a hard surface such as cement, tile or linoleum. This makes cleaning up spill powder and recovering primers easier. Light colored paint finishes also make it easier to clean the bench. Place the bench near electrical outlets for devices such as brass tumblers. If you reference computer information during the reloading process, a position for the computer on or near the reloading bench may be beneficial. Finish the reloading bench in a manner appropriate for the location. If it is being placed in a garage or basement workspace a plain finish may be sufficient. If the bench is placed in a part of the home considered part of the living space, paint or stain the bench and shelves to match existing d├ęcor.