Wright Storm & Screen Door Latch Installation

Nat Fondell

Due to the lightweight nature of screen and storm doors, they tend to be shut with a vigorous slam to ensure that they close all the way. This can lead to the premature wearing out of the latch components.

Screen and storm door latches are helpful for homes with pets or children.

Installing a new Wright door latch on your storm or screen door is a straightforward project that can be done with minimal tools in less than an hour. Installing the latch in place of an old one is much quicker than installing a latch for the first time.


Use Wright storm and screen door latches with the included screws for optimal results, though higher-quality galvanized screws may be used instead of the included screws to protect the latch from weather damage. Apply a spray sealant to the latch to protect it from long-term weather damage then allow the latch to dry for four hours. Open and close the door periodically and carefully, during this time, to prevent the latch from sticking in the closed position.

  1. Remove the old latch, if necessary, by unscrewing its attachment screws with either a drill or a screwdriver. Take off all components from the door, including the handle and latch from each side of the door, as well as the frame part of the latch.

  2. Position the new latch in the desired location. Mark the locations of the attachment screw holes and line them up with the old ones, if possible, to make installation easier. Drill through each marked hole with a metal-specific drill bit when drilling through metal doors.

  3. Set the latch in place and insert the installation screws or bolts through the drilled holes. Tighten the screws or bolts in place on both sides of the door.

  4. Position the frame portion of the latch on the frame in a location where the door latch will catch it perfectly. Have an assistant open and close the door while you hold the frame latch in place to make sure the location is optimal. Adjust the frame latch, as necessary, to find the right position then mark the location of the frame latch attachment holes.

  5. Drill out each of the frame latch attachment holes with a wood or metal drill bit as determined by the frame material. Set the frame latch in position and attach it with the included screws. Test the door to make sure that it works properly.