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What Is Cultured Granite?

Zenobia Rose Love
Table of Contents

Cultured granite is essentially an imitation of real granite.

It has the look and texture of granite, and because it is less expensive, it is a common alternative to its pricey counterpart,


Cultured granite is made to look and feel like granite. Cultured granite is made of polymer and fillers. Manufacturers use a glossy gel to give the finished product a smooth and shiny look. Pigments can be used to create a variety of colors, and the “fillers” create a look that mimics granite perfectly. The mixture is shaped, caste and hardened before it is ready for use.

Cultured Granite vs. Granite

Cultured granite is less expensive than granite because it is man made. Even though granite is a fairly common rock, it is still needs to quarried, transported and produced. Cultured granite is easily manufactured and distributed.


Cultured granite is usually used in homes and building for things like countertops, showers, vanities and pretty much anything you use granite for. Many people prefer the look of granite for their kitchens or bathrooms. Cultured granite is an economical and beautiful substitution.


Cultured granite is easily maintained. Most countertops and surfaces can be wiped with a soft cloth or sponge.


Polymer is mildew, stain and scratch resistant. It is easily cleaned, maintained and lasts just as long as granite. Many construction workers prefer using cultured granite because it is easily caste to fit any surface. This means your surfaces come can be made in one piece, creating a smoother and cleaner look.