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How to Clean the Heating Element of Mr. Coffee Coffee Makers

Kathryn Hatter

A pot of fresh-brewed coffee gets many people out of bed in the morning ready to start their day. Keeping your coffee maker clean and in good working order ensures that you can continue to enjoy your morning cup of coffee without fail. The heating element of Mr.

Keep your Mr. Coffee coffee maker clean.

Coffee coffee makers will keep coffee warm for two hours before it shuts off automatically. Clean this heating element periodically to keep your coffee maker operating properly.

  1. Saturate the dishcloth with warm water and squeeze a dime-size amount of dishwashing detergent onto the dishcloth. Squeeze the dishcloth gently to create suds.

  2. Rub the soapy dishcloth over the heating element of the coffee maker to remove any burnt-on coffee or water stains. Continue rubbing gently until you clean the heating element completely.

  3. Rinse the dishcloth well to remove all traces of soap.

  4. Wipe the heating element again with the wet dishcloth to rinse soap residue from the heating element. Wipe the heating element two or three times with the dishcloth to make sure you remove all traces of soap.

  5. Dry the heating element well with the dishtowel.

  6. Make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water.

  7. Place a small amount of the paste onto a moist dishcloth and rub it into the heating element to remove stubborn stains.

  8. Rinse away the baking soda paste from the heating element with a moist dishcloth and dry it gently with the dishtowel.


Wipe the heating element lightly with a damp dishcloth after every use to keep it clean. Use the dishwashing soap when you notice stains building up.


Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners to clean a coffee maker.