How to Replace Broken Inner Oven Door Glass

Kimberley McGee

It bakes the cakes and browns the birds. The oven is an integral part of the kitchen. When the oven door glass cracks or becomes too caked with crud to see through, you can easily replace the glass without doling out dough for a technician. A new oven window gives you a good look at what's cooking.

How to Replace Broken Inner Oven Door Glass

A broken or burnt-beyond-repair glass in the oven door is a distraction and annoyance. It can interfere with your cooking and be a safety hazard. But it doesn’t always require a professional technician to make this type of repair. Typical kitchen ovens operate under the same type of door assembly, and can be fixed or replaced readily by those with the most rudimentary of home repair skills. Read the user's manual for the oven you are working on thoroughly before undertaking a large job such as this.

Prep Work and Safety Tips

Have a padded surface ready to receive the door once it is off its moorings. Towels, blankets or old carpets work well. You will need a screwdriver to fit the screws as well as a flathead for prying seals and hinges that may stick. Understand all you need to do by reading the manual or instructions before beginning a large appliance repair, such as removing and replacing glass on an oven door. Wear gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from the broken glass and sharp edges of the oven hinges and other hardware. Once the door is disassembled, it’s a good time to clean out the inner door channels with cotton swabs and a mild detergent.

Removal Process

To remove the door, open it to its full extension to get to the locking tabs. Use a screwdriver to pry them into the unlocked position on both sides of the oven door. Raise the door about a quarter of the way open and lift up. Make sure you have a good grip on both sides of the door before lifting up and out to remove it from its hinges. Place it on the awaiting padded surface and remove the handle. Move from top to bottom to remove the screws and washers that hold the trim and panel on the inside of the door in place. Take off the inner door panel assembly off of the outer door panel before removing the bottom screws. This frees up the inner door panel, which can be removed and placed on a padded surface for safety. Slide the top trim that secures the outer oven door out from its channels. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the double-stick foam tape that connects the outer glass window to the outer door panel frame. Scrape any residue from the outer door frame with a metal scraper or adhesive remover. Affix double-sided foam tape to the new glass panel. Position the frame gently onto the new glass panel and press it down once you have it properly aligned.

Reassemble Safely

Reassemble the oven door by doing the process you just completed of taking off the door, but in reverse. Start with the top door trim and slide it into the door frame, and check the alignment before proceeding. Put the inner frame on top of the outer frame and secure it by tightening screws lightly. Attach the handle and tighten the screws once it is aligned properly. Make sure all screws are tightened and the hinge locking pins are in place, and the project is finished.