How to Clean a Combi-Oven

Kimberly Johnson

A combi-oven is a cooking appliance installed in restaurant kitchens and takes the place of several other appliances. According to the Caterer Search website, the combi-oven gets its name from the multiple types of cooking it performs including baking, steaming, braising and roasting.

Cleaning a combi-oven is not difficult using the built-in cleaning features. To ensure food safety and cleanliness standards, the combi-oven should be cleaned at the end of every day.

  1. Remove the top from a large spray bottle and insert one oven cleaning tablet. Fill the bottle with the amount of water recommended on the tablet packaging. Replace the lid and shake the spray bottle well to dissolve the tablet.

  2. Open the door to the combi-oven and spray the entire inside surface with the solution. Make sure to spray the ceiling and floor of the unit as well as the sides and all interior baking racks.

  3. Close the door on the combi-oven securely and press the "steam clean" button. The oven will steam clean the inside, which will also sanitize it by killing bacteria.

  4. Check the oven before using it the next day to ensure that is says "Stand by." This indicates that the combi-oven ran through the entire cleaning cycle and is ready for use.


Higher end combi-ovens have a self-cleaning feature that is activated with the press of a button. You do not need to use additional cleaning solution with these ovens. Combi-oven cleaning tablets are available from the oven manufacturer or from stores that sell catering or janitorial supplies.

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