How to Clean a Pasta Maker

How to Clean a Pasta Maker. Homemade, handmade pasta can't be beat. Using a manual pasta maker is an easy task and so is cleaning it. Following the proper steps to clean your machine will ensure that your machine stays in optimal condition and helps you create a delicious meal with little effort.

  1. Set your pasta maker on a table or other area where you have room to work. Set the pasta machine with the front plate facing forward and make sure it is on the thickest setting before you start cleaning.

  2. Use a small screwdriver to remove the screw in the side cover of the cranking side of the machine. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to remove the screw and remove the side cover. Loosen the two nuts with the wrench. They only need to be loosened about one or two turns and don't need to be removed completely.

  3. Flip the machine over and use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws that hold the footplate on the machine. Set the footplate off to the side and put the machine with the thickness adjuster side down on the table.

  4. Take off the top guards off and remove the scraper blades. They should be easy to remove after the side plate comes off. Wipe the side plate by pushing any grease on the surface of the plate into the roller hole and then set aside.

  5. Loosen the screws on the right side of the machine and remove them. Be careful because parts of the machine will become loose.

  6. Separate the rollers and remove the plates. The front and back top plates and the bottom scraper plates can be removed from their holders. When removing the bottom scraper plates be sure that you know where they came out of so you can put them back in the correct position.

  7. Remove the scraper blades carefully and wipe them clean. Wipe off the rollers and the side plate with a paper towel. Use a bamboo or wooden skewer to clean the inside of the bottom scraper. Wipe off the inside of the machine with a paper towel being sure to get all of the flour and old pasta out of the machine. Pull on the right side of the machine and use the skewer to remove any old pasta that has gotten in stuck in the machine. Repeat the process on the left side.

  8. Look at the rollers to see if there is any old pasta stuck in the machine. Use the skewer to remove the pasta. Be sure to remove any pasta from the machine that you have knocked loose.

  9. Ensure that all parts of your pasta machine are clean and that there is no remaining flour or old pasta stuck in any parts of the machine. Store your machine in the original box and in dry place to keep it in optimal condition.

  10. Tip

    Keep your pasta maker in good working condition by dropping mineral oil where the roller meets the body.


    Because of the small parts that you can't get to in order to dry the machine, never wash your pasta maker with water. If you do use water, the machine might rust.