Instructions for Removing Kitchen Aid Oven Door to Replace the Inner Glass

Kenneth Crawford

Kitchen Aid oven door glass can take some abuse. Years of use can cause the glass to become quite dirty, making it difficult to see inside the oven while your food is cooking. When you are ready to replace the inner glass on the Kitchen Aid oven, you must first remove the door from the oven.

Unlike many other brands of ovens, the Kitchen Aid oven uses a locking lever to make removal of the door simple. To access the inner door glass, remove the inner door panel from the outer panel. The inner and outer glass rests on the back of the outer door panel.

  1. Open the Kitchen Aid oven door fully. Locate the hinge-locking lever on top of each hinge. The locking lever looks like a larger part of the hinge near the oven door cavity.

  2. Rotate each of the locking levers forward to unlock the door hinges. The lever pivots over the top of each hinge.

  3. Grasp the door on both sides with your hands, and begin to close the door until the door stops.

  4. Lift the door off the oven and place the door on a padded flat surface with the door handle pointing down.

  5. Remove the screws on the bottom edge and the side edges of the door with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the two screws on the top of the inner door panel with the screwdriver. Lift the inner door panel away from the outer door panel to access the glass.