How to Troubleshoot Kenmore Refrigerators

Heather Topham Wood

Kenmore is an appliance manufacturer with products available exclusively through Sears. One of their top selling appliances is their line of refrigerators. Some examples of Kenmore fridge models include Ultra SilverSteel, Top Freezer, Elite and Compact.

If you have a problem with your Kenmore refrigerator, the manufacturer requests that you perform a small amount of troubleshooting before you call for service.

  1. Check the power sources for the refrigerator. Make sure the plug is pushed into the outlet and the outlet has power. If necessary, reset the circuit breaker and replace any fuses that may have blown with a 15 amp time delay type.

  2. Make sure the cooling system is turned on if your fridge is not keeping the food cold. Find the control panel inside of the fridge and turn the dial to the “On” position. You can also adjust the temperature by selecting a numerical indicator on the control panel. When you change the temperature, give the Kenmore fridge at least 24 hours to make the adjustment.

  3. Change the humidity control on your Kenmore fridge. If you find that vegetables and other food items become too moist while in the fridge, you may need to move the humidity control to a lower setting.

  4. Adjust the Kenmore fridge so that it is sitting on level ground if you find that the fridge and freezer doors will not always close completely. You can place a standard level on top of the unit to check this. Move the legs if necessary to get the fridge level.

  5. Clean the gasket between the inside of the fridge and the door. If it is dirty, it can cause temperature issues since the door may not close completely. You may need to replace the gasket if you find tears in the material.


For more specific troubleshooting for your particular Kenmore refrigerator model, refer to your product user manual.