How to Troubleshoot Maytag Dryer Problems

Daniel Holzer

Maytag makes dozens of dryers with a variety of features ranging from basic to high-tech steam capabilities. With such a wide selection, it may be surprising to note that all dryers essentially present similar problems when they arise.

While Maytag is known for having excellent customer service and repair, there are a few problems you can troubleshoot on your own without involving Maytag or your Maytag retailer, saving yourself the time and hassle of figuring out what is covered under the warranty and what is not.

  1. Make sure the Maytag dryer door is closing completely. Remove any obstructions, as the dryer will not operate until the door closes completely. This is a safety feature. Press "Start" for two full seconds to start the dry cycle.

  2. Examine the Maytag dryer's drum for foreign objects, which can cause rattling or thumping, or an overloaded or balled-up clothing load, which will also cause thumping. Remove the objects, if any are found. Remove some clothing from the dryer, and untangle the remaining clothing before re-engaging the dry cycle.

  3. Confirm the Maytag dryer sits evenly on the ground. A dryer that is not level may thump, vibrate or rattle during operation. Adjust the leveling legs until the dryer sits firmly on the ground.

  4. Check the exterior vent exhaust, vent run and area around the dryer for lint and debris if the Maytag dryer displays the error code "AF." Clean those areas so air runs freely. Clean the lint trap.

  5. Confirm that your home's electrical system is functioning properly. Reset the circuit breaker and replace blown fuses as necessary. Also verify that the power cord fits snugly in the electrical outlet and that the electrical outlet supplies 120 or 240 volts, depending on the model of Maytag dryer you have.

  6. Call Maytag or your Maytag retailer for immediate service if the dryer displays an error code starting with "E," followed by numbers.


Clicking in gas dryers, thumping in a dryer left unused for an extended period or a humming or whining in dryers with steam cycle capabilities are all normal noises that should not cause concern, says Maytag.