How to Make a Mosaic Mirror

Lauren Wise

Creating a personalized touch for the bathroom or home is possible with a beautiful mosaic mirror that reflects your personality, as well as your appearance. Use a myriad of colors or designs, and you will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to construct.

Make a Mosaic Mirror

After you have the supplies and choose what type of mosaic you desire, the hardest part is cutting the tiles into strips and other shapes to fit the design. This takes the most patience and concentration. Follow these steps.

  1. Choose a mirror template design first. You can find these at hardware stores, craft stores, or design your own. Trace the mirror template to your desired size, then retrace the outline onto the MDF sheet. Put on the dust mask, then use a jigsaw to carefully cut out the shape from the MDF sheet. Make sure that the MDF sheet is on a solid, sturdy place.

  2. Trace the mirror's position onto the MDF. Add your designs, shapes and lines, and then fix the mirror in place using the double-sided stick pads.

  3. Cut some tiles into quarters using the nipper. Do this by holding the tile in one hand, then clipping the tile at the edge to break it into as many pieces as you desire. Cut more as you go to fit random spaces into the mosaic design. If you want mirror mosaic pieces, use spare parts of the mirror and use the glass cutter along in a straight line and snap it into pieces or strips. There are different types of tiles you can choose from, such as glass, vitreous glass, ceramic, sea glass and many others.

  4. Apply the tile adhesive to small areas at a time on the base, arranging the mosaic pieces in the design you choose. It is beneficial to use the template for this, unless you have a set design in mind. Good designs include making the outside edges a solid color and placing a swirled design of colored tiles within the lines, or making designs of shapes or flowers into the mosaic.

  5. Position all of the tile pieces into the design, and let it dry overnight. The next day, apply grout with a putty knife to fill in all the gaps on the mosaic in between the tiles and the outside edges. You should not be able to see any of the base, only the tiles, mirror and grout.

  6. Use a wet sponge to remove all excess grout on the edges and allow to dry for another night. Make sure you didn't miss any areas with grout and sponge clean again. Use an old brush, such as an old toothbrush, to scrub grout edges to round them off and remove them, and to ensure no grout is stuck to the tiles and mirror.

  7. Sand the outside edges smooth.

  8. Hang the mirror. Do this easily by screwing the mirror hangers to the back of the sheet and then use a pencil and ruler to mark where to drill screws into the wall. Drill the screw holes and insert the wall anchors. Place your mosaic mirror securely into place.


Sometimes it is easier with two people to hold up and position the mirror to hang, or to glue tiles, especially if it is a large mirror. Explore different colors and patterns to make your mosaic mirror. Research design books, pictures, or come up with your own.


Always be careful when working with power tools and sharp instruments.