How to Make a Sea Salt Lamp

Sea salt lamps not only offer a natural pinkish glow in any room but are also thought to emit negative ions, which cleanse the air you breathe. Sea salt lamps are beneficial in meditation rooms or studios but have the ability to help the natural energies of any area flow better.

If you wish to make one of these lamps to be more involved in the creative energies of your home lighting, then follow these steps.

  1. Acquire your block of sea salt. These can be ordered online from the Himalayas where ancient sea salt is found.

  2. Chip away the corners of your salt block using a carving chisel. This creates a unique crystal-like shape and should be pleasing to look at. Its exact form is up to you, but be sure to make one end relatively flat so it can sit balanced on the wood disk.

  3. Wash your piece of salt thoroughly after carving. This enhances shine and natural glow.

  4. Drill a hole in the bottom of the salt piece to accommodate the light bulb. Use a stone drill bit of at least 2 inches in diameter and drill at least halfway into the length of the salt block.

  5. Affix the wood disk platform (a thick coaster can work if you are not equipped to make a custom one) on the bottom of the salt block so that the block sits straight how you would like it. Spread strong glue such as epoxy or super glue around the base surrounding the socket made for the light bulb. Let it set and dry.

  6. Screw the crossbar onto the bottom so that the light bulb does not fall out. Use your lamp cord set for the light bulb and insert into the bottom.


You may want to carve a notch into the bottom of the base so the cord can sit flat without lifting and tilting one side.