How do Traverse Rods Work?

D.C. Winston

Traverse rods allow for a semi-mechanized way to open expanses of curtains from one end of the curtain run without having to touch or pull the curtains into an open or closed position.

Cord Strung Rod & Track

A traverse rod is a sturdy metal curtain rod with a length of cotton cording running through it and a track of evenly spaced small plastic eyes that slide the length of the rod track. The traverse rod is mounted to the wall with metal brackets at each end and at least one center support bracket, with additional brackets added according to the curtain expanse.

Pulley Mechanism

The cotton cording is wound around a pulley mechanism on one end of the rod and a long looped length of the cord extends down towards the floor on the opposite end of the rod to be used as controls to operate the pulley to open and close the curtains. At a midpoint on the rod and on each end there is a small plastic stop that keeps the curtains on the track. At the extended looped end of the cording, one side of the looped is pulled to open the drapes from their center point toward each end of the rod, and pulling the other side closed the curtains towards the center of the rod.

Eyes and Hooks

Each plastic eye on the track has a small round opening to allow a curtain hook to be linked onto it. When hanging the curtains the sharp hook is first embedded into the top seam of the curtain and then linked onto the eye. This is the sole controlling connection between the rod and the curtains and facilitates their opening and closing.