How to Program a Clicker Garage Door Opener

Ronald Bell

Nothing is more irritating than having to spend money on something that you know you could do yourself if you simply had the proper instructions. Reprogramming your garage door to recognize a new clicker is not only moderately easy, you don't have to wait for a repairman.

There are many credible manufacturers of garage door openers, but fortunately the technology used is similar on most units. Plan your reprogramming carefully so that you can perform each step timely. Some instructions time-out, so it is important to know what the next step is.


Before you start, open and close the door from the switch inside the garage to ensure that the garage door is working properly.


A moving garage door can be dangerous. Keep everyone away from the garage door when you are working on it (including pets).

Do not allow children access to the remote garage door opener.

  1. Open the protective cover over the power head of the garage door opener. This is the box that houses the lights that come on when you open or close the garage doors. Unhook the cover closest to the garage door. It should drop down on one end and then hang from a hinge on the other end. Place a small stepladder under the power head to access the protective cover, if necessary.

  2. Depress the small black button labeled "Learn Code Button" This button will usually be located close to a radio signal indicator LED indicator. When depressed, you will see the LED start blinking red. It will blink for approximately 30 seconds. Proceed to the next step before the blinking stops. If you do not, you must start over.

  3. Depress the button on your clicker while the radio signal indicator LED is blinking. This will cause the LED indicator to stop, blinking and remain on. Again, proceed to the next step before the LED indicator turns off. If you fail to depress the clicker button within the allotted 30 seconds, the radio signal LED indicator will turn off and you must start over.

  4. Depress the clicker button again within the allotted 30 seconds. If the LED indicator goes out, you have reprogrammed your clicker. If the LED indicator blinks rapidly and then turns off, it indicates that the receiver detected a different clicker frequency or detected no frequency. If you see this indication, start over.

  5. Clear the garage door pathway to test your clicker. Depress the clicker. The the garage door should close. Depress it again and the garage door should open. If this works, close the protective cover and put away the stepladder.