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How to Remove the Printed Ink Off a Store Receipt

Alexander Callos

To many, printed ink may seem permanent on paper or any type of receipt. The ink seems like it is there to stay. There is a method to remove printed ink from a store receipt. This is a job that anybody with a receipt and the right supplies can take on in only minutes.

Ink can be removed from store receipts.


Make sure countertops and tables are covered with paper towels to prevent the cleaner from staining them. Fingernail polish remover and similar removal fluids work best on materials and ink that are yet to dry, but can still have the same effect even if the receipt has been printed for days.


Do not dab too much fingernail polish remover on the receipt or it will overly dampen it and ruin the piece of paper the receipt is printed on. It can also leave a greasy stain.

  1. Protect your work surface with paper towels.

  2. Lay the receipt down flat on top of the paper towels and directly in the center of them.

  3. Pour fingernail polish remover onto a cotton ball and carefully dab it over the ink on the receipt. Dab all over the ink until it has faded away. Be careful not to push too hard or the receipt will rip.

  4. Wait until the receipt has completely dried and look it over to make sure there is no ink left printed on it. If ink remains, dab a little more fingernail polish remover on the receipt until everything has been completely removed.

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