How to Make an Outdoor Mattress

Chelsea Hoffman

An outdoor mattress is useful for lounge benches, sitting in the grass or for use as an outdoor pet bed. Instead of spending money on a commercially fabricated outdoor mattress, you can easily create your own with minimum materials.

An outdoor mattress is useful on lounge chairs and benches.

This cost-friendly craft project doesn't take expertise in fabric crafting and it gives you the ability to create comfort for your outdoor lounging areas. Knowing how to make your own outdoor mattress also allows you to experiment with different textures and styles of fabric.

  1. Select a roll of fabric that is suitable for outdoor use. For example, canvas and heavy denim can be used outside as long as kept from getting wet. Select a waterproof poly-blend fabric if you want the mattress to be weather-tolerant. Measure and cut two segments measuring 2 feet wide by 6 feet long.

  2. Lay one of the fabric segments out in front of you with the print or bold-colored side facing upward. Squeeze a line of industrial strength fabric glue along all but the top edge of the fabric segment.

  3. Press the other segment of fabric down over the first firmly, with the print side facing downward. This adheres the edges. Let it dry for 10 minutes before turning the pouch you have created inside-out. This faces the printed sides of the fabric outward.

  4. Stuff the opening of the fabric pouch with a suitable amount of filling. Wool, cotton fluff or batting roll is suitable. Depending on how thick and firm you want your mattress, the amount of filling used will vary immensely. Use as much as you need or as little ranging from 3 to 10 lbs. of filling in a mattress of this size.

  5. Secure the opened end of the mattress by gluing the edges together. This creates a frayed end. To fix this, squeeze a line of glue along the outer top edge of the fray. Fold the frayed part inward, pressing it down on the glue line. This creates a seam without having to sew it. Let the mattress dry for two hours before placing it in its outdoor environment.