How to Freeze Unblanched Raw Cabbage

Jessica Leigh

Blanching is a process in which foods are scalded briefly then cooled down immediately to allow them to be stay fresh longer and prevent discoloration. It can be time consuming and is not always necessary.

Freeze unused cabbage to keep your harvest from going to waste.

If you spend a lot of time in the garden already, you likely want to get your harvest sealed up and stored as easily and quickly as possible. If done correctly, you can freeze unblanched raw cabbage for up to several weeks without compromising its natural texture and flavor.

  1. Wash each head of cabbage thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove any dirt. Pat dry with a soft towel.

  2. Cut each head into quarters. You should be left with four wedges for each head of cabbage.

  3. Individually wrap each quarter with clear plastic wrap. Make sure there are no gaps in the plastic where air can reach the cabbage. Place the individually wrapped wedges in freezer bags.

  4. Write the cabbage harvest date on each freezer bag with permanent marker. Place in a freezer and use within three months.