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How to Mount a Shampoo Bowl

Cameron Easey

Shampoo bowls are a type of sink that are used in hair salons and beauty parlors to wash the hair of clients. These sinks or bowls can be made out of acrylic or porcelain and are mounted to a wall in a similar fashion to a wall-mounted sink in a bathroom. You can install a shampoo bowl by first determining what type of sink or bowl that you want to use.

  1. Verify that the fixture has been attached to the shampoo bowl. The fixture is purchased separately from the shampoo bowl.

  2. Insert the spray hose connector into the opening on the left side of the shampoo bowl. If you are using a vacuum breaker it will need to be connected to the sink by first inserting it into the holes and tightening the nuts with the adjustable wrench.

  3. Connect the end of the spray hose into the outlet valve on the vacuum breaker. Connect one end of the fixture hose to the inlet valve on the vacuum breaker. Connect the other end of the fixture hose to the tailpiece on the fixture.

  4. Measure up from the floor 31¼ inches with the tape measure and make a mark on the wall with the pencil. Place the wall bracket on the mark and then set a level on top of the bracket. Adjust the bracket until it is level.

  5. Drive the bolts into five mounting holes on the wall bracket with the power drill, but do not tighten them completely.

  6. Lift the shampoo bowl up and set the back over the wall bracket. Place the level on the bowl and adjust it from side to side. Tighten the four bolts for the upper mounting bracket with the adjustable wrench, and then tighten the remaining bolt for the lower bracket.

  7. Connect the hot and cold water lines to the fixture with the adjustable wrench.

  8. Tip

    Attach the drain and plumbing before testing the water lines or using the sink.