About A-Frame Kit Houses

A-frame houses are just like regular houses except they rely on perhaps the simplest architectural structure: a triangle for the entire frame of the house. A frames look like a house that is all roof, and in fact they are, because the roof extends all the way to the foundation. A-frame kit houses simplify this design with pre-made drawings, pre-built frames that can be delivered on site and several choices of windows, doors and in some cases, interior layouts.


A-frame homes are not just for ski resorts in the alps. They are a cozy and efficient home for many regions, including the northern US and even some southern climes. They are not small, either. The homes have plenty of living space inside, and make great use of the A-frame shape, including rooms, baths and bathrooms very efficiently.


A frame kit homes can be as simple as a set of pre-made drawings that can be downloaded online, to entire modular designs that are built off-site in a factory. Although very few modular companies build A-frame homes in large quantities, because they are not very popular, they will pre-construct the roof frames, or pre-cut the timbers for the roofing joists and frame and deliver them to be assembled on-site. Full-scale A-frame home kits are not wildly popular.


Building your own home from a kit can save a lot of money because the plans are common, most of the materials are easy to find, inexpensive and accessible. And, builders may be familiar with your particular home, so building it will not take as long. With a home kit, you get the convenience of a pre-fab home design that you can also customize with your own windows, doors and more, to really fit your lifestyle.


A-frame kit homes include ready made building plans, customizable window frames, doors and kitchen accessories, as well as materials to build everything from the frame and roofing materials to flooring and interior moldings. Not all kit homes are the same, but most include everything you need to build it. Typically, A-frame home kits just include the plans and the home needs to be built by a contractor.


An A-frame home kit can be identified in many ways from just a simple set of reproducible plans, to an entire modular home, designed in the A-frame style. A real home kit gives you the options to choose different features of the home and customize then to your liking. A home kit can be built by a contractor, or by the homeowner if she have enough building experience. You can have an A-frame home built from your plans by a modular home or new home construction company.

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