About Dyson Animal Vacuums

Vacuuming can be a daily chore for pet owners, particularly during shedding season.


About Dyson Animal VacuumsAbout Dyson Animal Vacuums
Pet hair collects everywhere, weaving itself into carpets and upholstery, balling up in corners and under furniture. Traditional vacuums often aren't strong enough to pull up all the hair, and can even expel pet odors into the air during operation. To solve these issues, Dyson created the Animal and Absolute Animal vacuums. Designed for pet owners, these lightweight, bright purple vacuums efficiently clean the surfaces pet hair collects on, as well as cleaning the air.

Dyson Animal vacuums are high-priced vacuum cleaners that are made especially for pet owners. Dyson vacuums are powerful machines that are guaranteed by the company to never lose suction. A telescoping hand wand and special attachments for the Animal are designed to allow for the quick and thorough cleaning of household dirt and pet hair from floors, stairs, carpet and furniture. Built-in and washable filters clean the air and reduce pollen and pet allergens.


The Dyson mini turbine brush.

There are two styles of Dyson Animal vacuums available for the same price. The first is the DC17 Absolute Animal. With a flat cleaner head and two back wheels, it maneuvers as most standard vacuums do. The DC17 model features advanced, Level 3 Root Cyclone(TM) suction technology, giving it more powerful suction than the standard Dyson models. Animal accessories include standard onboard tools as well as a mini turbine brush and low reach floor tool.

The second Animal vacuum is the DC25 with Ball(TM) technology. This vacuum has increased maneuverability, with a central ball roller that allows the vacuum to pivot easily in several different directions simply by tilting the handle. The DC25 moves more fluidly than the DC17 around furniture and into tight spaces. The clear cover on the brush bar allows you to see when excess hair gets tangled in the bristles, making maintenance easier. It also includes standard onboard tools and the mini turbine upholstery brush. Unlike the Absolute Animal, this model uses only standard Root Cyclone(TM) suction technology and does NOT include the low reach floor tool attachment.

Animal Features

The Absolute Animal low reach floor tool attachment.

The Dyson Animal vacuum has an independent brush bar motor inside the cleaner head that powers the bristles to thoroughly remove household dirt, debris and pet hair. The mini turbine brush attachment has its own bristle brush roller to collect pet hair from carpeted stairs and upholstery. The shape of the Dyson makes it difficult to vacuum under most furniture, so the Absolute Animal includes a low reach floor tool attachment. This flat tool uses several bristle brushes and the concentrated suction of the hose to clean pet hair from underneath furniture, and has both bare floor and carpet-level settings.

Dyson Benefits

The Dyson vacuums have powerful suction that continues to pull up dirt, debris and pet hair in astonishing volume for years after purchase. The strength of the machine, coupled with a simple design, smooth plastic tubing and easy access maintenance makes clogging an extremely rare or nonexistent issue. The bagless system, lifetime filter and washable filter mean there are no additional charges for upkeep of the machine.

Buy a Dyson Animal vacuum to reduce household allergens. According the Dyson website, the Dyson Animal vacuums have been certified asthma and allergy friendly(TM) by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (see Resources). With the dual filter system, Dyson claims that the air expelled from the Animal vacuum has 150 times less mold and bacteria than the air in your home.

Remove the front debris canister from the Dyson and hold inside a garbage can or bag. Press the release button and dump the contents without having to touch or inhale any of the dirt or pet hair the vacuum has collected.

Maintenance and Repairs

Review the maintenance guide included in the instructions with the Dyson Animal vacuum. There is very little upkeep with a Dyson, but regular checks of the filter and brush bar are easy preventative measures to maintain the vacuum's perfect working order.

The Dyson Animal has removable parts to check if any blockages or failures occur. Visit a certified Dyson repair facility for any problems you can not fix yourself. Dyson offers warranties on their vacuums and a 1-800 number to arrange for repairs in your area.

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