Twin Bed Vs. Full Bed

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a home is a bed since a person can spend eight hours or more sleeping. A bed typically consists of a box spring, mattress and support frame, and can optionally include a head and foot board as well as side tables. The size of the bed is often dictated not only by personal desires but by the size of the room itself.

Twin Description

Twin Bed Vs. Full Bed

A twin or single bed is the size available at 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. It is suitable for only one person but can fit in smaller rooms. Though its length might seem to indicate otherwise, a single bad can comfortably sleep a person only five-foot five-inches or shorter when you account for the pillows that are needed at the head of the bed.

Full Description

A full or double bed is the next size up, measuring 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. Because it is as long as a twin, it can also sleep only shorter people. However, it does offer more space for a person with greater girth. The greater width initially seems to allow two people to share one space. However, each person would only have under inches of personal width, which is about the size of the crib.


A twin bed is an excellent choice for children and smaller teens and can be stacked into bunk beds to provide two kids a sleeping area in the space of one bed. However, if the room size supports it, a full bed also works well for children not only because of the additional area but because it provides a place for parents to sit when reading a bedtime story or tucking the child in.


A double bed is not really an adequate choice for two people to share. More width is provided by two twin beds that are pushed next together. For a couple to experience the same comfort that they can get from two singles, they would need to get a king bed whose width of 76" equals that of two twins.


Single adults of average or taller size would find sleeping in either a twin or double bed uncomfortable. A better selection is the queen size, whose length of 80 inches can comfortably accommodate adults five-foot 10-inches or shorter. This size is thus an ideal choice in a guest room that is expected to sleep one. For those who entertain guest couples, guest rooms should contain two twins or one king. Taller adults may find the 84-inch length of the California King size more suitable.

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