Modern Office Design Theory

Gone are the traditional office ideals that everyone requires a private office. Modern office design has embraced the idea of collaboration and removed the walls that once separated workers. The office layout of today is comprised of clusters of stations that allow workers to talk to each other and interact. This open concept is thought to improve productivity as employees are encouraged to collaborate. The modern office is an inviting, cheery place that also inspires staff.

Work Clusters

The modern office: light, airy and open
These desks are separated by storage for working privacy and allow for collaboration

To save on construction costs and allow for ease in restructuring, large offices are now designed with clusters of desks and storage called systems furniture. Systems furniture can be configured in different sizes and shapes, with employees separated by partition walls. Desks and storage hang from the partition walls and each employee has a separate space, but is able to speak with others within the cluster. Systems furniture is not a new concept, but has evolved over the years, as technology has advanced to be made with lighter colors, thinner walls and materials such as plexiglass to give an even more open feeling.

Welcoming Entry

The receptionist desks is sleek and modern in black and white, surrounding by comfortable chairs.

The entry of the modern office is a bright, open and welcoming area. The reception is also the ideal place for a company to display awards, current projects and other company details. A modern office will also display artwork and historic elements special to a company. As the lobby is the first place, and the first impression visitors will have of the office, extra effort should be placed in this area to engender confidence from visitors. The lobby will have comfortable seating, reading materials, refreshments and smell fresh. A modern lobby with have sleek furnishings, cool colors and clutter-free surfaces.

Conference Room

Glass table and conference chair

The center of most offices, modern or traditional, is the conference room. Meetings, presentations, even productive lunches occur in functional, roomy conference rooms. The modern conference room will have comfortable, yet small scale seating that will allow for more participants. The table can be wood, but modern options include glass tabletops and chrome legs, which can make a room appear larger. A modern conference room will also include storage and a functional lighting scheme.

Modern Office Lighting

The lighting in a modern office is also good for the environment. New office buildings are designed with light sensors that monitor room occupancy. If there is no one in the room, the lights automatically turn off, and when someone walks by, the lights greet the visitors. Modern lighting is also very energy efficient, using modern fluorescent bulbs, LED or Xenon for clear, white lighting. Desk lamps are also used for task lighting on desks.

Modern Home Offices

The Internet allows for many to work remotely, from home or another location. Having a dedicated space to work from while at home, will help keep the focus on work and not let the at-home worker become distracted. Furnish your home office area with a desk space and plenty of storage. The modern can be infused at home with a glass desk and floating shelving. Don't forget the lighting to make a functional workspace.

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