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How to Change Genie Garage Door Dip Switches

Cecilia Harsch
Some keyless entry fobs must be programmed by a dealership.

Genie garage door openers use handheld remotes to communicate with the opener mounted inside the garage. Pressing the remote button tells the opener to raise or lower the garage door. Children of all ages like to push buttons because pushing buttons often results in something interesting happening, notes the Consumer Products Safety Commission in its publication “Age Determination Guidelines.” Should you find your child with the garage remote and the button no longer causes the door to open or close, you may want to change the remote dip switches to match the opener dip switches.

Step 1

Place a stepladder beneath the opener mounted in the garage. Make sure to position the ladder so if the garage door opens accidentally, you won’t be struck by the door.

Step 2

Reach above the opener and pull the power cord from the ceiling outlet.

Step 3

Look for the tabs along the top edge of the light cover at the front of the opener. Press on the tabs to release the cover and gain access to the opener dip switches.

Step 4

Find the dip switches inside the remote battery compartment. Genie garage door openers have nine or 12 dip switches. Hold the remote next to the dip switches on the opener so you can compare the two sets of switches.

Step 5

Slide the switches on the remote up or down to match the positions of the switches on the opener. Use the tip of an ink pen if you can’t reach the remote switches with your fingers. You can completely change the position of the dip switches on both the remote and opener as you make sure the switch positions on the remote and opener match.

Step 6

Snap the light cover back onto the front of the opener. Plug the power cord back into the ceiling outlet.

Step 7

Replace the battery cover on the remote. Press the button on the remote to test the opener. Repeat the procedure to match the switches if the remote doesn’t work after changing the dip switch positions.