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How to Change the Frequency for Chamberlain

Kenneth Crawford

Chamberlain manufactures garage door openers for Craftsman, LiftMaster and Sears among many others. The remote controls on garage door openers use a frequency code to operate the door opener.

Changing door frequencies depends on the age of your Chamberlain unit.

Newer models have rolling code technology that enables owners to change frequencies with a press of a smart button on the back of the opener. Older units, however, have a series of switches to code both the door opener receiver and remote. Changing the frequency on a Chamberlain with switches requires ensuring that both the receiver and the remote match exactly.

Chamberlain With Dip Switch

  1. Position a stepladder under the rear of the Chamberlain garage door opener head. Remove the screws securing the rear light cover to the opener with a Phillips-head screwdriver. On older units, look for the antennae wire that is hanging from the opener head. The antennae attaches to the receiver that contains the dip switches.

  2. Pull off the receiver cover, if your opener has a cover on the receiver. Slide off the battery compartment door on the remote control. Notice the position of the dip switches in the remote are exactly the same as the dip switches on the receiver.

  3. Move the dip switches up or down on the receiver with a flat-head screwdriver or your fingertip. Move the dip switches on the remote to the same position as the receiver.

  4. Slide the battery compartment door back onto the remote control. Snap the receiver cover back into place, if your unit uses a cover. Place the light cover back onto the opener head.

Chamberlain With Smart Button

  1. Place a stepladder under the rear of the opener and remove the rear light cover. Locate the red or purple button on the rear of the motor. The button has a small LED light nearby.

  2. Press the button with your fingertip. The LED light will illuminate for 30 seconds.

  3. Push the “Open” button on the remote control within 30 seconds. The LED light should turn off. Press your remote control again and the door opener will operate.

  4. Tip

    Changing your frequency code makes it less likely that a burglar with a remote control to access your garage.