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How to Program a Wired Genie Garage Door Keypad

Kenneth Crawford

The wired Genie garage door keypad allows you the availability of a keyless entry when your opener does not have a “Learn” button. There may come a time, however, when you either forget the code or wish to change the code on the keypad. You can program the Genie keypad with any code combination up to eight characters. No tools are necessary to program the keypad, and you can program the unit in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Unplug the Genie keypad transformer from the outlet and wait two minutes. Plug the transformer back into the electrical outlet. This will erase any code that the control board is storing.

Step 2

Open the control box for the Genie keypad by pressing in on both sides with your fingers and pulling straight up on the cover.

Step 3

Turn the “Set/Run” switch to the “Set” position with your finger. The switch is on the right-hand side above the pigtail wires coming from the keypad.

Step 4

Go to the keypad and press in your new code. You can choose a code with up to eight characters. Press the “*” button once to lock in the code.

Step 5

Go back inside to the control box and flip the “Set/Run” switch to “Run.”

Step 6

Test your keypad by first pressing the “” on the keypad. The opener should not operate. Press any four digit random number and then press “” on the keypad. Again, the opener should not operate.

Step 7

Press your new code into the keypad, then press “*” on the keypad. The opener should now operate the garage door.

Step 8

Place the control cover back onto the control box. Slide the cover into position until the cover locks in place.